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07 June 2020 17:00

Why we would like to say a huge 'thank you' to Silk Fred.

Silkfred is a fantastic online brand and platform. Uniting over 600 independent clothing brands to feature in one place.

Think collaboration not competition! Brands encouraging and supporting one another via the Silkfred platform.
Absolute girl power!
When we were first starting out, Silkfred contacted us with the opportunity to become part of their community.
After dancing around the living room, I realised just how much of a big deal this was.  Without any doubt I am still as excited about this opportunity today.
We are a brand in our own entity, but this is an amazing opportunity to stand alongside other fantastic boutiques
A wonderful platform for customers to purchase from whichever brand they want all in one place.  
It’s like going on a shopping spree with every item just a click away, being able to purchase in one place from your living room.
I love the idea and I love the concept.
When our products initially went on there, I kept clicking to view.  Incredibly thankful and proud.  When orders started to arrive, I realised just how many people not only believed in us but in their concept.
We are featured alongside some amazing brands like Traffic People, Dancing Leopard, and Girls In Mind.  There are so many more.
Today their platform is huge and undoubtedly is something we are very proud to be part of.
Silkfred gave us confidence and helped us spread the key message behind our brand, that all women should feel amazing in the clothing and trainers they wear.
Showcasing our fabulous trainers, dresses, and slogan tees, our message of encouraging confidence in women was reaching more and more.
My belief is the more women hear this message the more they will start to believe it.  This word has to be spread far and wide and Silkfred is helping us do it.
We are incredibly thankful for our opportunity and partnership with Silkfred.
To have our independence is fantastic, to also share and showcase our brand with others is a triumph.

Collaboration conquers!