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Tell us about yourself

I'm married with 3 beautiful grown-up daughters, I love to read, eat out a lot, go shopping, and I just love anything to do with fashion & beauty.

Tell me something about yourself that no one would believe. 

I actually went to college to study Feng Shui, as well as Spanish for 2 years and I've been an extra on TV


Favourite Instagram account you follow? @lovestyle40 I just adore Joanna, I mean who wouldn't, but there are so many I could mention...

Favourite # on Instagram? Anything with style in the hashtag


What’s your favourite Miss Red product? 

My love is respect charity tee for such a good cause and my pink leopard print trainers.

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Where do you shop the most? 

I just love Zara, Topshop, but my new favorite is H&M they have gone up massively in my opinion with their fashion, sustainability, great dresses at affordable prices and now I'm even a member 😉 
But I'm also trying to shop & support more smaller businesses on Instagram 

Leopard or Zebra?

Oh, definitely Leopard but I love Zebra too which is very current on trend.

Trainers or heels? Both - depending on what I'm wearing at the time

Who influences your style?

All the gorgeous ladies on Instagram, but celebrity wise it has to be Holly Willoughby

Sum up your personality in 3 words 




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