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Tell us about yourself

Southerner living in Yorkshire. I love (colourful) fashion, cats, books and the coast. I speak Swedish. Married with two just-about-grown-up boys..

Tell me something about yourself that no one would believe. 

Maybe …. that I’m a university lecturer with three degrees (my husband told me when we first met that I don’t look like an academic and he worked at a university at the time!).

Instagram - theshoestringshopper

Favourite Instagram account you follow? Don’t make me pick!

Favourite # on Instagram? Can it be my own?! #everythinglooksbetterwithabag


What’s your favourite Miss Red product? 

My white leopard print trainers. Now tempted by the pink ones!

Shop Charlotte's Look

Where do you shop the most? Online (useful at the moment!). Dorothy Perkins for petite fast fashion Small businesses like Miss Red (obviously!) and Betty Loves Accessorises I also love Nobody’s Child

Leopard or Zebra? Zebra

Trainers or heels? Trainers

Who influences your style? I think by the time you get to your 50s you know the colours (and styles) that suit you. Influenced by other Instagram accounts.

Sum up your personality in 3 words 

My family would say: Crazy Cat Lady