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Tattoo or not to tattoo?

Miss Red
24 May 2020 16:00

Tattoo or not to tattoo?

Love them or hate them, they are becoming more acceptable in society. I see many people showing off their tattoos.  Policeman, fireman, key workers everyone and anyone.

My View

When I was young and growing up, I always loved them.  Definitely a personal choice.  For some, there is still a stigma attached to them.  Some people think they are awful.  Some love them. Like many things in life.  Our views are different! I remember being on holiday and a lady said to me, ‘what on earth would a pretty girl like you want a tattoo for?’ Obviously not her choice!

Some people really love them, I have had many conversations.  Tattoo envy does exist. Neither view is right, it’s a personal choice. To me they are a beautiful piece of art, adding colour and uniqueness to your body. I have a very large tattoo.  My legs are decorated in climbing roses and it ends on my bum.  Each cheek being a giant rose.  Shaded to look like a watercolour painting. Not heavy, delicate and pretty. With bright red hair and tattoos, I definitely stand out from the crowd.  I love I look different.  Not rebellious, embracing who I am.

My Experience

My tattoo grew as I grew as a person. It initially started off as something small and once started I decided that I wanted to add to it.  Like a flower, growing and blooming. I started my journey with my tattoo when I went through a challenging time in my life.  It reminds me of coming out of the other side. Many people have tattoos to signify wonderful moments in their life.  Birds flying, quotes or slogans.  Mine is for me climbing my way to freedom. I wear mine like a badge of honour.

It took time, patience and endurance. A fellow connoisseur will greatly appreciate. It taught me a lot about myself.  My body could endure 3 hours at a time, some people sit all day.  Everybody has a limit and that was mine. This gorgeous piece was created by a man who ended up becoming my friend.  As he tattooed, we would talk.  Almost like art therapy.  I am not sure he would view himself as any kind of therapist, but it definitely felt like that. He told me he had tattooed many women that decorated scars for many reasons. Interesting don’t you think?

It’s an addictive pain if there is ever such a thing. Tattoos are more than skin deep. When I see others with tattoos, I wonder what it means.  What’s their story? Their why. If you have read my blog about body confidence you will understand the battle I have had.  My legs used to be a big part of me I hated.  I began to love them.  Which is why I decorated them with a wonderful piece of art.  To celebrate them. Full of greens and deep pinks, they suit my colouring and personality. With a fab dress, they add extra style.  Feminine and chic.  Who would have thought anyone would write that about a tattoo?  Well me.  That’s exactly how I feel about it.

So much work goes into the creation.  The artist will look at the flow of your muscle and the shape of your body and the tattoo needs to be positioned precisely.  A lot of preparation. I had many conversations with Mr Tattoo, especially the comfortableness about being in someone’s personal space.  His view was an interesting take.  He had tattooed for many years.  The body is a canvass where he would showcase his art.  Body parts didn’t even come into it.  He said you get past it very early on. He had tattooed many bum's, mine just being one of them. Like any other professional experienced in their field, just doing their job.

Don’t let me sway you I am not saying go and get a tattoo tomorrow, let’s face it in the current climate it wouldn’t be possible. What I am saying, take time to see their beauty and what they signify.  They still might not be for you, but I hope my explanation helps you appreciate them. Tattoos are forever, like life’s memories. To be cherished and celebrated.


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