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Tell us about yourself?

I’m 33, mum to Violet & Poppy, fashion obsessed and a qualified stylist!

Tell me something about yourself that no one would believe.

I have a phobia of bugs, especially grasshoppers & crickets (hopeless seeing as I live in the middle of fields!)

Instagram - @mummyyatesstyle

Favourite Instagram account you follow? @hannahfgale

Favourite # on Instagram? #whatweworeonwednesday - I host it with my insta friend Eliza!

What’s your favourite Miss Red product? The white leopard trainers  

Shop Elly's look 

Where do you shop the most? H&M, New Look & Zara

Leopard or Zebra? Leopard!

Trainers or heels? Trainers

Who influences your style? Kate Moss is my ultimate style icon 🖤

Sum up your personality in 3 words?

Rock chic
Leopardy (not a word but I’m obsessed!)