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Red Hair Dont Care

Miss Red
20 May 2020 21:09

Red Hair Don't Care 

I love having bright hair.

It’s bold, it’s brave and it’s different.

You couldn’t be any further from fitting in.  Maybe that’s what I like about it to.  Putting myself out there.  Red Hair, don’t care 

The colour red signifies, power, resilience, determination, desire and passion.

The amazing power of colour!

I think we all have a favourite feel-good colour that enhances our mood or makes us feel special. Having red hair is a great conversation starter, especially with strangers. Kind people wanting to talk.  Shop assistances, people in the street.  I love it. Children love it too, always makes me smile when you hear ‘mum that lady has red hair’

Seeing something bright makes people happy, especially red. 

It’s a beacon of attraction for good banter and conversation.  Who wouldn’t want that?

How is it achieved?

My hair is my crown and glory.  It does take a lot of upkeep and I am always putting conditioning treatments on. 

My roots are lifted every six weeks and I then apply Red from the Chill Ed range. It’s a fabulous product.  A conditioning treatment and colour all in one.

I apply it with a tint brush and leave it on for 30-60 mins. It’s the best product I’ve used for colour and condition.

I’ve tried many different products but this is by far the best.

I actually colour my hair myself, always have done always will do.  When you’ve done it for so long it’s become second nature.  It’s not a box die and is used professionally. 

Once it’s coloured I visit my favourite Hair Salon, Trevor Sorbie in Convent Garden London where I am greeted by the fabulous Ian Carmichael. Ian is an award-winning stylist. 

Ian cuts my hair, like no one in the world has cut it.  Hair fit for a queen!  If you search for him, you will see his fabulous achievements in life. He is a lovely man.  The conversation is simply like no other.  He talks, I laugh.  I never actually want to leave.  A glass of wine later and we talk about everything. 

I miss that conversation at the moment.  In his fabulous Scottish accent, he always says ‘here she is, with that fabulous red hair’ as I walk through the door. 

He is one of life’s kind good people. 

It is the most relaxing, wonderful experience.  I like to make it an entire days treat.  I spend the rest of my time walking the cobbled streets of Convent Garden and stopping off at the Ivy Garden to eat, by far my favourite restaurant in London. It’s a great place.  The food is lovely, the vodka is divine and the service can’t be beaten.  You are treated like royalty.

I swish through the door with new hair, feeling amazing.

I can’t wait to have my day out again.  

Should you? 

Many people say to me they wish they had bright hair.  Pink, blue or purple being popular wishes.

My advice would be to go for it.

It brings me so much joy. 

I couldn’t imagine a life without red hair or being Miss Red.