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Body Confidence by Miss Red

Miss Red
17 May 2020 20:27

Body confidence is key to our own happiness, this blog was inspired by Gemma, theweirdone_xx

I love her confidence, she is a beautiful woman inside and out.  She talked this week about being unhappy when she tried to diet.  It was very thought provoking and the realisation hit me that our journeys with our bodies are very similar.  She absolutely inspires me everyday.


Confidence and being comfortable in your own skin is definitely a mindset.  Once we conquer that, we can conquer anything. ⁣As women we are all different shapes and sizes,  not one fits all.  That is what makes us all uniquely beautiful. One shape or size is not superior to another.  

My Story 

As a teenager I was over weight.  I was always the girl with the pretty face who could do with 'losing a few pounds' (the bullies always said) The more I was taunted the more I ate.  I lived in a bubble of food becoming my comfort. I loved fashion but didn’t look tall or slim like the media said I should be.  I was round, curvy and I felt worthless. 

At 16 I decided I didn’t want to be that person anymore and went on a quest to lose weight.  ⁣My uneducated approach wasn’t healthy.  I began reducing food, eventually living on an apple a day and thought what I was doing was great. 🍏 I dropped so much weight that I could barely walk.  Mentally and physically I was dying. I had become so poorly that the numbers on the scales defined me. Nothing else mattered. I mean nothing. My mind was consumed by insecurities, lack of confidence and I felt very alone. My menstrual cycle had stopped and I was told if I didn’t start eating I would not have children and that my organs would fail. ⁣In reality I was dying but in my mind I was dying to fit in.  I wanted to look like everyone else. Words cut deep and all those people who had a horrible opinion on my weight were winning. 

I remember my sister's shocked face as we sat in the doctor's surgery. Something I will never forget.  The extent physically was bad enough, but mentally she could see I was broken. I had been brainwashed in to thinking that starving myself to look a certain way would give me everything I needed mentally and it didn’t. She used to check I was breathing at night whilst I lay wrapped in a tracksuit, my body had no fat to keep it warm.  My bones would hurt to sit in the bath.  Still determined that this would bring me happiness. I still couldn’t wear the dresses that models wore.  I didn’t resemble the girls in magazines.  I looked undernourished and like I was dying.I wasn’t out enjoying life like many other teenagers.  I was exhausted lying in bed. Still my mind was telling me I wasn’t enough.  Losing that weight didn’t change my mindset at all.  I wasn’t me anymore. I knew I had to change.

My Realisation  

I began eating for wellness and became very driven to heal.  My love of fitness wasn’t about burning calories anymore I became focused on my mental and physical wellness. ⁣⁣

10 years it took me to realise that.  Teenage years wasted on those scales It took so much work, but I am so glad I put it in. ⁣My menstrual cycle returned and I am blessed with children.  I am also blessed with that experience and thankful I can look back as something I got through. I haven’t weighed myself since that time, it’s something I never choose to do.  ⁣I am fit well and healthy.  I eat to nourish my body and I train for my mental and physical health.⁣ I am a petite curvy women, I like it. I might not be everyone’s choice, but I am ok with that too. 

❤️⁣ Ultimately how I feel about my body is my business, but my story is something to share and celebrate.   Nothing is more beautiful than owning and being confident in who you are, wearing your smile with your best dress. My turning point was my mindset.  How I felt about myself and my body took a huge amount of work.  Once I got there I wanted to bottle that feeling up and give it to every woman to drink.  I couldn’t make that drink, but I created our brand to do exactly that.  Encourage women to feel amazing.  When I see women picking themselves apart it reminds me of my own past internal battle.⁣. I simply wouldn’t want anyone to live that. I love to build confidence in people and I love to see them thrive when they feel good about themselves. 

My Gift to You

❤️⁣ This is why Miss Red London is my baby.  I want every woman in the world to feel beautiful 

❤️ I want us all to celebrate ourselves.  To feel happy in our own skin.  We all deserve to be kind to ourselves and to feel amazing with our bodies and our minds. So when you wear Miss Red, think of this as me, not only celebrating who I am, but celebrating who you are too.

❤️⁣ I will always fight for women to feel confident and amazing 

❤️ Our minds are a powerful tool, we need to fill them with positivity and self love, to allow us to use them wisely 

❤️⁣Take my advice put your best foot forward in your fab trainers and walk with confidence ! 

How good does Gemma look wearing the White Leopard trainers?!

Take a look at the Gamma Instagram account.