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Dreaming of Holidays

Miss Red
03 June 2020 07:00

I am longing for a holiday. I am sure I am not the only one.


Holidays mean happiness to me. I want to feel the heat on my skin, the sand on my feet and walk in the shallow sea. Even as I write it, I feel calmer, visualising my special place. The feeling I get from a holiday, nothing else seems to compare. Having spent this time social distancing, I am craving the 'holiday feeling' even more so now. I do wonder if its the break I crave or the emotion behind it? Either way even as I write it excites me to have that hope.



Why this is my place


My favourite place in the world to go is, The Amare, Beach Marbella, Costa Del Sol, Spain. This place is how I imagine heaven to be. The hotel has beautiful white crisp decor, its simplistic but elegant, chic and unassuming, with stunning views overlooking the Mediterranean sea. When I am there I feel like I am in paradise.


You are only a few miles away from the port and within walking distance of Orange Square. I love Orange Square more so than the port itself.

It’s full of cobbled streets and restaurants. Such beautiful architecture, decorated with flowers and love. You relax by sitting under the orange umbrellas, freely enjoying the buzz and ambience of the open space. It boasts amazing places to eat, it's full of fabulous food and people. I fell in love with this place from the first time I visited. I also fell in love in this place too. This was mine and Dan’s first holiday with one another.





As we laid on the beach together, I realised this person understood me. Shared my passion and zest for life. It was then I knew he was a special person. Our first holiday we enjoyed so much I will treasure those memories forever. I count myself very lucky to be able to share my wonderful place with someone that also loves it too. I would happily visit this place alone, and there aren't many places in the world I could say that about.


The hotel itself, has its own private beach, with a buzzer to press, where the waiter will bring you a drink.  Whilst you lay in the sun you are entertained by a saxophonist who plays smooth jazz as you watch the sun shining over the glistening sea.


After visiting the beach, my evenings are spent walking to my favourite restaurant, El Patio de Mariscal. The food is divine, however, that is not its only appeal.  With its wonderful service and staff, you can't want for anything. I like to sit and absorb the views and people watch. Smiling happy people, enjoying it as much as I am.




If we want a later night we will venture into Puerto Banus  It is full of fun and interesting people. All sharing their passion for the atmosphere around them. I like to dance like no one is watching, sing like no one is listening.  This is my place of happiness mentally and physically. We go to bed late and get up early, not wanting to miss a second whilst there  It is like going to bed on Christmas Eve, you know the next day is going to be so much fun and don't want to miss out on any of it. You bounce out of bed in the morning excited for the day ahead.  Christmas and Birthday's every day whilst you are there.


I have thought a lot about this place, I really have questioned the emotion behind it.  I have realised my passion for this place has never existed, like this anywhere else in the world. When I was young, material things had an appeal, the latest gadget etc, and I couldn't understand the feeling of a holiday. Is it because I have matured, no I think I have simply found my happy place. I would swap anything to be there right now.


With my vision board firmly filled, my hopes, dreams and desires are there waiting for me to revisit when I can.


Wheres your happy place?


Special thanks to Amare hotel for making this my happy place.